Completing an Assessment

  1. Go to the Overview page for the ECT. (See View an ECT's Details.)
  2. Click on Fill In on the relevant assessment from the list.

This Term's Contract Details

  1. Check the information for This Term's Details.
  2. If the information is incorrect then click the link to update it
  3. Then click the green Continue button.

Days Served Employed & Absent

  1. In the first box enter the number of days that the ECT has worked during the said period, not including weekends, bank or school holidays but including absences.  This should be pre-populated so if you agree with the number leave it as it is.  
  2. In the second box please select the yes or no from the drop-down box and then enter the correct number of days the ECT should have been working but was absent during the said period. This should not include weekends, bank or school holidays, or days when the ECT was not contracted to work. 


  1. Based on the teacher's performance against the Teacher's Standards within the assessment period, which one of the following statements is applicable?
  2. Tick one option and move on to the next section below.

Further Information

You will then be asked a series of questions.  These may differ depending on your Appropriate Body and the questions they would like you to complete.

Remember to save at regular intervals so that you don't lose any of your work.

Note: as soon as you start to complete the assessment form your comments are visible to the ECT 


  1. Complete all required information.
  2. Click the save button and then the green continue button.

Next Term's Contract Details

  1. Check the contract details for the next term.
  2. If you select no and the ECT will not be remaining at the school for all or part of their next assessment more information will need to be filled out.

  1. Once you are happy that the assessment is complete select the checkbox "I have completed my part of the Assessment and it is ready for the ECT to add their comments".  If not you can tick the first option to 'save and return later'.  
  2. Click the green continue button.

ECT Comments and Signature

Ask the ECT to login using their username and password to read through the assessment, add their comments and digitally sign the assessment.

After the ECT has added their comments and signed the assessment it will require a signature from the Induction Tutor and Headteacher.  They will need to login to ECT Manager and will be prompted on their dashboard to sign the assessment.  See the section Digitally Signing an Assessment.  


The system was formerly called NQT Manager, some images in these user manuals will still refer to NQTs but the system has been updated to refer to ECTs. We will be updating the images in these user manuals over time.