View an ECT’s Details

  1. Go to the list of your ECTs. (See View a List of your ECTs.)
  2. Click View next to the name of the ECT you wish to view.

Overview Page

From this page, you can see a summary of the ECT's details.


Status and FTE

Details of the current status of the ECT and FTE completed and remaining are displayed in the top section of this page.

Website Login Information

The username for the ECT is displayed.  You can also resend or reset the ECT's password if you need to.  

Progress Reviews and Assessments

A list of all completed, due and upcoming progress reviews and assessments are listed in this section. When a progress review or assessment becomes available you will be able to click on a Complete or Fill In link next to it.

A Print link next to a due or completed progress review or assessment allows you to view a PDF version which can be saved to your computer or printed.

Print Details

Clicking on Print Details from the left menu will download a PDF version of the ECT registration form.

The system was formerly called NQT Manager, some images in these user manuals will still refer to NQTs but the system has been updated to refer to ECTs. We will be updating the images in these user manuals over time.