Register an ECT

Please note: when you start to register your ECTs and enter the TRN on the registration form you may see a message to inform you that the ECT already exists on the system and to return later in July to transfer the ECT using our new tool.  This is because you can now transfer an ECT's induction record from one Appropriate Body to another.  This will stop ECT records being duplicated on the system and will enable you to see the full induction record for an ECT, including copies of their past assessments and progress reviews.  Please bear with us whilst we get this tool live on the system in July 2023.  We are working on this as a priority.  Many thanks.     


Watch the short video detailing 'how to register an ECT' or for more detailed step by step instructions refer to the text below.

You will need to login to ECT Manager with your unique username and password in order to use the system.

  1. From the top grey main menu move your mouse pointer over ECTs. A drop-down menu will appear.
  2. Select Register ECT
  3. Select the induction type

Teaching Agency Registration Information

  1. Complete all of the required information.

When selecting the registration type depending on what option you select you will be presented with different questions in the next steps these are very straightforward and easy to answer.

Please Note:

You can register an ECT without a TRN, tick the box to state they did their training outside of England (if the tick box does not appear on your registration form please contact your AB)

  1. The Last Name and Date of Birth must exactly match what is registered with the TRA.
  2. Click the green Continue button to move on to the next step

Contract Details

  1. Complete all of the required information.
    1. To select multiple years to teach hold down the CTRL button on your keyboard and click on each year.

Please Note: It is important that you select the correct days per week as this will be used when generating assessments.

  1. Select an existing Tutor from the drop-down list or click Add New Tutor.
  2. Enter the ECF Mentor details (The ECF mentor is for information purposes only, they do not require access to ECT Manager)
  3. Click the green Continue button to move on to the next step.

Training Details

  1. Complete all required information.
    1. If the teacher training institute is not available select Other.
    2. To select multiple qualified subjects hold down the CTRL button on your keyboard and click on each subject.
    3. Click the green Continue button to move on to the next step.

Home Address

  1. Complete all required information.
  2. Click Next Step.

ECF Programme

  1. Select from the drop-down box what approach you have opted for to deliver an ECF-based induction for the ECT.

Answer the relevant questions and press Continue

Confirm Registration Details

You will be taken to the last page where you can confirm all the registration information.

  1. Check that the ECT’s details are correct.  If you need to edit any of the information click on 'edit' next to that section and it will take you back to the relevant page on the registration form.  
  2. Click the green confirm button to Complete Registration.
  3. As the Headteacher you will need to digitally sign the registration form.

The form will then be sent to the Appropriate Body who will complete the QTS check and authorise their induction.