How to Register Your School & School Users at a new Appropriate Body

Watch this short video or refer to the detailed instructions below (video may take a couple of minutes to load).


Before registering your school you will need to go to the Login page for the new Appropriate Body login page on

A full list of Appropriate Bodies using ECT Manager can be found here: 

Find your Appropriate Body in the list and click on 'Login' next to your Appropriate Body

Before you continue, check that the following information is correct

  1. The logo at the top of the page is correct for the Appropriate Body you want to register with
  2. The name of your Appropriate body shown is correct (if this is wrong then please click on the link and select the correct AB)
  3. If all the information on this page is correct you can proceed to click the yellow "Register Your School" button.

Login page ECT manager


Enter your postcode in the box and click 'search'


This will search the whole of ECT Manager to find your school.  

School Not Found

If your school is not found you will be advised to contact the Appropriate Body to add your school.  You should then come back here and follow the instructions.

School already at this Appropriate Body (with users)

If your school are already at that Appropriate body you will be prompted to ask the Headteacher or Induction Lead to add you as a user. 

School already at this Appropriate Body (no users)

If your school is found at this Appropriate Body but with no users you will be asked to register the Headteacher or Induction Lead to proceed.

The Appropriate Body will then authorise the registration and you will be sent a username and password.  You will the be able to log into the system to add other users and register your ECTs.    

School is found 

If your school is found, the list will show you all Appropriate Bodies it was found at.  It may just have been found at one Appropriate Body.  It may have been found at several.  Tick next to the school at the Appropriate Body where you have current ECTs or you have most recently had your ECTs.  It doesn't matter if the school name is not the most accurate - you can update the school name later.  

Once you have ticked the school on the left hand side click the 'continue with selected school' button at the bottom of the page.


You will then be asked to login to verify who you are.  This must be the Headteacher or the Induction Lead at your school.

You must use your username and password from the current Appropriate Body.


You will then be taken to the 'Register School with a new Appropriate Body' page.

If you just wish to register just the school and current tutors then you can ignore the list of ECTs to transfer. 

Transfer ECTs

If you wish to request the transfer of ECTs to the new Appropriate Body at this time, click next to the names of the ECTs you wish to transfer.  Check the resignation date and update if necessary.  

NB: the resignation date should be the date they are leaving the Appropriate Body (this is normally the end of term, i.e. 20th July) it is NOT the date when their contract ends or the date they handed in their resignation.  The system will predict what this date is for you, so most of the time this will be accurate and you won't need to update it.    

When you select an ECT their tutor will automatically be ticked in the tutor list below.

These ECTs can be selected for transfer at this time but they may not be physically transferred to the new Appropriate Body on ECT Manager until the transfer request is authorised and their current report is completed & the end date has been reached or the report has expired.


If you are not ready to transfer ECTs at this time, you can do it at a later date so you can just continue with the school registration for now.

Induction Tutors

The Headteacher, Induction Leads and School Administrator (if there is one) will not show on the list because they will automatically join the school when it is registered with the new Appropriate Body.  If you want any of the other current tutors to also join the school tick next to their names.  If you don't need any of the tutors to join leave them all unticked.


Once you have selected the users you wish to transfer, click the 'Finish School Registration' button at the bottom of the page.

This will send a request to the new Appropriate Body - they will need to authorise this request.

You will receive an email to confirm that your school has requested to register with the new Appropriate Body.


When the new Appropriate Body authorise the school registration you will be sent an email to inform you.  Your school users (i.e. tutors, school admin) will be sent an email to say that their user account has been registered at the new Appropriate Body.

ALL users will be able to login with their username and password from the original Appropriate Body at the new Appropriate Body.  

If you still have ECTs at the original Appropriate Body or reports to complete you and your users will still be able to login there.


You can then login and register your new ECTs at the new Appropriate Body.