Getting started on ECT Manager

1.)Either the Head Teacher or the Induction Lead will first need to register your school on ECT Manager

Click here to watch a short video of how to do this and read through our step by step instructions

You can find the list of all Appropriate Bodies using ECT Manager here:

It is really important that you check you are registering under the correct Appropriate Body - please ensure you have checked the name and logo on the login page.

After you have registered the Appropriate Body will authorise you to have access to the system.  At this point you will receive an email from ECT Manager containing your username (a 6 digit number) and password.

You can now login.  You will first be asked to answer security questions, update your contact preferences and agree to your Appropriate Bodies privacy policy if they have one.  

2.)We advise you check your school details page.  Go to School in the top main menu and then School Details.

If you have any edits to make please save the page.

3.)If you are not the Head Teacher you can click on the red banner link on your dashboard and add the Head Teacher.  Click here for detailed instructions.  They will receive an email from ECT Manager containing their username (a 6 digit number) and password. 

4.)You can then start to add Induction Tutors to ECT Manager - click here to read through our step by step instructions.  As you add a tutor they will receive an email from ECT Manager containing their username (a 6 digit number) and password.  If your school has any Induction Leads that need access to ECT Manager you can add them in the same way as the tutors but select the 'Position' as Induction Lead.  

Please note: it is expected that the ECF Mentor be a different individual to the Induction Tutor named above. ECF Mentors will not be responsible for completing progress reviews or assessments and therefore do not require access to ECT Manager.

5.)You can then start to register your ECTs.  Click on the icon on your dashboard or follow the detailed step by step instructions here -  Registering an ECT.

Once you confirm the information on the registration form it will go to your Head Teacher to sign.  Your Appropriate Body then need to complete their checks and ensure the ECT has QTS before they start their induction so it may take some time before they authorise the ECTs induction.  The Appropriate Body will contact you if they have any questions or queries.

You can contact your Appropriate body by going to the Help & Support button on the top right hand side of the ECT Manager.  Here you will find the telephone number and/or email address of your Appropriate body.  You can also click on Helpdesk Tickets to submit a helpdesk ticket to them.