Completing a Progress Review Form

You will receive email reminders from ECT Manager when a progress review form is due to be completed in a week for one of your ECTs.  You will continue to be reminded by email the day before it's due, the day it's due, to say it is overdue and then a weekly overdue reminder.  The emails will state that the Induction Tutor must log into ECT Manager to complete the form.

These email reminders are also sent to the Induction Tutor, the Induction Lead and the ECT.

The following instructions are the for the Induction Tutor completing the Progress Review form.  Once completed the Progress Review form is signed by the ECT and Induction Tutor - there is no requirement for the Head Teacher to sign the form.      

Accessing a Progress Review Form

When a progress review becomes due it will appear in your dashboard - click on 'Fill in' to access the online form.


If the report is not due there are two ways you can access the form.  Click on Upcoming Reports on your dashboard - this will take you to a list of reports and assessments that are coming up for your ECTs.

Or you can access the reports from the ECT's overview page by going to Your ECTs in the main black menu and selecting List of ECTs. 

Click on View next to the ECT in question and on their overview page you can see the progress reports that are completed or next to be completed.  The next progress review is generated as the last one is completed.

On the overview you can see the type of report - P = Progress Review, A = Assessment

The dates of this reporting period and the due date of this report.  The status of the report.

You can choose to 'Fill in' the report or 'Print' which will download a PDF of the form.

If any of this information is incorrect, especially the type of report and the dates of the reporting period please speak to the Appropriate Body.      

Completing a Progress Review form

Remember to save at regular intervals so that you don't lose any of your work.

Note: as soon as you start to complete the progress review your comments are visible to the ECT 

To complete a progress review form click on 'Fill in' - this will take you to the online questions that you are required to answer.

The first page asks you to check and confirm the ECT's contract and to confirm if the ECT is remaining at your school next term.

If you tick Yes (the ECT is remaining at your school) you will be taken to the next page of the form.

If you tick No (the ECT is not remaining at your school) the system will generate an interim assessment form which you can complete instead of the progress review form - this will provide the ECT will a more detailed report to take to their new school.  [Complete the interim assessment questions and submit the form to the ECT to add their comments and sign.  It will come back to you and the head teacher to sign.]


On the progress review form you will then be asked to check the days served in this reporting period and to state if the ECT has had any absence.  

You will then be asked to confirm if the ECT has had access to a programme of support based on the ECF and received all of their statutory entitlements.  There is a reminder of the statutory entitlements if you click on the red link 'Show Statutory Entitlements'. 

You are then asked if the ECT is on track or not on track.  

This is where the questions may start to differ depending on what questions the Appropriate Body is using.  The next few images below give you an idea of the questions that may be asked but they are for illustration purposes only.  

Sometimes you will be asked to add a support plan to the ECT document area rather than in the progress review form.  This differs depending on the appropriate body set up.  There may be additional questions that follow if the Appropriate Body has added additional questions.

You will then be asked to confirm the contract details for next term.

    You will then be asked to save the form to return later or send it to the ECT for their comments.

You can then send the ECT a reminder of their login details if you need to.

The Appropriate Body set the earliest date you are able to submit the form to the ECT for their comments and signature.  If it is too early for you to send the form to the ECT you will see the following message and you can return to the form to send it on the date stated in the message.  

Signing a Progress Review

After the progress review has been read by the ECT, they have answered any questions, added their comments and signed you will be prompted to sign the form also.  Log into ECT Manager and on your dashboard you will see the reports you need to sign.


You can also sign the form from the ECT's overview page.  Go to Your ECTs > List of ECTs, click on view next to the relevant ECT.

Here you can click 'Sign'.  You will be taken to the Digital Signature page where you can download a PDF of the completed form, tick to digitally sign the form and press the green 'confirm' button. 


Once you have signed the form it is submitted to the Appropriate Body.

The system was formerly called NQT Manager, some images in these user manuals will still refer to NQTs but the system has been updated to refer to ECTs. We will be updating the images in these user manuals over time.