1. Login to go to your Overview page.
    ready to sign assessment
  2. Click on comments next to the assessment.
    1. If the Sign link is not next to the assessment you will need to click on Complete.
    2. you will be asked to confirm all your information for your assessment period that your tutor has entered on the system.
      ECT to confirm details
    3. Your appropriate body may have additional questions or dropdowns to select, please make sure they are all answered before continuing.
    4. Click on the green Save & Continue Button.

Enter your Digital Signature

  1. View the assessment form, then tick the box to digitally sign the form.
    digitally sign the assessment
  2. Click the green Confirm button.

The system was formerly called NQT Manager, some images in these user manuals will still refer to NQTs but the system has been updated to refer to ECTs. We will be updating the images in these user manuals over time.