Completing A progress Review

  1. Log into your overview page.
    Progress review ECT overview page
  2. Click on Comments next to the progress review that is due/overdue.
  3. This will take you to the ECT Confirmation page where you have to confirm your details are correct o continue.
  4. After you have clicked on the green confirm button you will be taken to the progress review page where you can preview the form & leave your comments. when you have filled out the comments section please click the green Save & Continue button.
    Add your comments
  5. On this page, you will need to Digitally sign your Progress review by clicking the tick box and clicking the green Confirm button. 
    digitally sign your progress review

The system was formerly called NQT Manager, some images in these user manuals will still refer to NQTs but the system has been updated to refer to ECTs. We will be updating the images in these user manuals over time.