Two Factor Authentication

Two Factor Authentication is an enhanced security measure. If you enable this feature, every time you enter your username and password we will send you a unique 6 digit code via email or text which you can use to log in.

This is an optional feature, we recommend using it.  You can turn it off at any time.


On your dashboard you will see a blue banner 

If you click on the 'learn more' link it will take you to the correct page to set up two factor authentication or you can choose to 'dismiss' this message for one month.    

Enabling Two Factor Authentication

To enable this go to your Login Details page

Settings >Login Details

Login details menu item

If you wish to use your mobile for this process ensure it is entered on this page.

Tick the 'Two Factor Authentication' box and press save.

how to enable two factor authentication

How it works

When you enter your username and password on the login page you will be asked how you wish to receive your verification code.  

Select your preferred method and click 'Send Verification Code button.

select your authentication method

The code should arrive within a couple of minutes.  The code will expire after 5 minutes.  

Please check your junk/spam folder if you do not receive it.

If it doesn't arrive click 'Resend Code' button to request another code.

entering your code

Enter the 6-digit code into the verification box.

And press 'Verify' 



If your code has expired ECT Manager will inform you and ask you to request a new code.

expired authentication code

If your verification code is entered correctly you will have access to ECT Manager as normal.


If you enter 5 incorrect verification codes you will be locked out of ECT Manager for 30 minutes.  This is a security measure.  

invalid verification code

Disable Two Factor Authentication

When logged into ECT Manager, go to your 'Login Details' page

Settings > Login Details

Untick the 'Two Factor Authentication' box and press save.


The system was formerly called NQT Manager, some images in these user manuals will still refer to NQTs but the system has been updated to refer to ECTs. We will be updating the images in these user manuals over time.